We began with bookholders. Our founder – Gary – was a student, finding reading a literal pain in the neck. “Use a bookholder,” his physiotherapist said, and Gary dutifully went to buy one. He bought the best he could find. But it didn’t look that great. It wasn’t well-designed. It didn’t even work properly. So he created a better one – the deckchair Bookchair. Quirky, award-winning, and the start of a revolution in book accessory design. We still professionally design our own stationery and accessories – now stocked by household-name distributors across dozens of countries. We set a high standard for our products. Many are market leaders. We’re proud of their quality, their combination of fun and function.


Jannex Enterprises is Canada's leading distributor of greeting cards, gifts, and stationery products. Our fashionable product mix is always evolving and in touch with global trends.

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