Pictura USA was founded 1979 by Erik Arpi. Over the years our range has grown and diversified. Although our products and styles have evolved, our commitment to superior quality – in artwork, design, production and customer service – has never wavered. Now, over four decades later, we continue to enjoy success, but are ever aware that our success is due solely to our dedicated customers. We will continue to provide you with innovative product, experienced and efficient service, and the quality you have come to expect. We seek to provide retail establishments with unique, quality products and true customer service. We want our greeting cards and gifts to be known and valued for their exceptional design, as well as their popularity among consumers. We design products to provide consumers with the maximum value for their investment. Our ongoing commitment is to developing superior products that meet the current demands of today’s market. Pictura as a group was founded in Sweden in 1969. In the beginning the business was built around the sales of troll posters designed by a young occupational therapist, Lena Larsson. The range was quickly expanded to include imported folklore garments and other textile products that were sold through weekly magazines in Scandinavia and Finland. In 1973 the company started selling art post-cards in book-stores and they expanded more and more and the post-cards became an important part of the range. The first foreign subsidiaries were opened during the mid 1970’s in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany followed by several other countries. In the 1980’s the sales of textile products ceased followed by a couple of years later the company decided to stop developing posters and instead focus on developing a complete range of greeting cards and seasonal cards. Today, Pictura is Scandinavia’s largest distributor of greeting cards for retail stores. Besides cards they also offer a wide assortment of wrapping papers, stickers, party articles and gift products.


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