Eco Chic is a lifestyle brand, and our aim is to help you make the little changes that add up in the fight against throw-away culture. Established back in 2004 from a humble market store in Camden Town, you can now find our products in over 1000 retail stores across UK and Europe. IN 2020, WE ARE FULLY COMMITTED TO REDUCING OUR PLASTIC FOOTPRINT THROUGHOUT OUR SUPPLY CHAIN By constantly auditing our supply chain, we make sure that from the supply and delivery of the raw material, shipment to our UK warehouses and global distributors, and delivery to our retail stores, we are committed to use as little plastic as possible. By end of 2020, we are aiming to become a plastic-free supplier, throughout the supply chain. And most importantly, by using fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, every bag we create helps to save 1-6 plastic bottles from landfill.


Jannex Enterprises is Canada's leading distributor of greeting cards, gifts, and stationery products. Our fashionable product mix is always evolving and in touch with global trends.

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